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Planning and Controlling Support

  • Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

We are looking for multiple ​Business Management professionals​ to complete our consultants Workforce Management Service to provide Business Management support to the ​Directorate of ​Human and Robotic Exploration of the European Space Agency (ESA) at their location in ​Noordwijk, The Netherlands​. The service is expected to be on-site in ESTEC, collocated with the project teams and providing remote support to EAC or ECSAT with travels/missions as required. The purpose of this Support Service is to ​assist teams in performing studies, as well as from the start of implementation to the end of in-flight commissioning​. The selected candidate should show integrity and professionalism. 

Please note, the successful candidate will be employed by ATG Europe (or one of its subsidiaries). Furthermore, upon selection, they will be subject to a general security screening performed by an external provider (further information will be provided at the interview stage).

The successful candidate will be tasked with, but not limited to:

  • Verify that the status of the procurements, costs, fund commitments and cash disbursement actual data in the ESA corporate financial system is properly/accurately reflected in the HRE financial planning and control database(s);
  • Perform daily data maintenance updates and verification procedures, report deviations to the BUC (Business Unit Control) Office and implement approved corrections;
  • Verify consistency of the CACs (Cost at Completion) with the BUC Office, identifying and resolving issues with approval from the BUC Office;
  • Provide issue or problem identification reporting and recommendations to the BUC Office and implement approved corrective measures;
  • Provide cost, fund commitment and cash disbursement reports at the required level of granularity;
  • Create and maintain project cost at completion plans in the related database;
  • Connect actual financial data with the planning at the required level of granularity in the databases, identify variances, and implement approved/agreed corrections;
  • Ensure project CAC and updates are implemented in the HRE planning database as approved with the BUC Office;
  • Support the consolidation of industrial CAC/CTC (e.g. updates, analysis, and reports);
  • Support the consolidation of commitment and cost deviations at the required level of granularity;
  • Provide consolidated programme level data management support, analysis, tailored reports/dashboards, and inputs to management presentations;
  • Collect data, implement approved database entry, perform verification and validation exercises;
  • Provide ad hoc reporting and analysis;
  • Support the Quarterly Cost Report exercise including identification and analysis of variances in the financial data and implementation of approved corrections;
  • Support business controlling related activities related to data management, reporting, financial closures, consolidation, workforce planning/updates;
  • Collect KPI data and information and update the related IT systems and reporting;
  • Collect and update Geo-return actuals e.g. in EROS as part of the end-to-end procurement process;
  • Update of Geo-return forecast data entry (e.g. EROS) c. connect Geo-return actuals and forecasts and identify variances and implement approved corrections in the related systems;
  • Provide reporting to projects on the Geo-return actuals and forecasts e. support the update and verification of Geo-return dashboard information at both Programme and Project level;
  • Ensure consistency of Geo-return data (actuals and forecasts) is consistent across corporate and HRE databases;
  • Collect and update the TEC-Support workload planning in the related systems (e.g. WLMS, IPCDB,);
  • Verify consistency of TEC-Support planning for HRE in the different databases (e.g. IPCDB, WFT, and WLMS);
  • Provide reporting to projects on TEC-Support actuals and planning identifying variances;
  • Connect workforce and TEC-Support actuals and forecasts identify variances and coordinate/implement approved corrections in the related systems;
  • Process and follow up corrections to actual TEC-Support bookings/costs;
  • Co-ordinate, support and monitor the yearly revision of workforce planning in accordance with the financial calendar of activities, (e.g. TEC-Support, SLAs);
  • Create/close TEC-Support work packages in (e.g. WLMS);
  • Support data auditing and follow up activities on HRE tools (e.g. IPCDB) & corporate systems;
  • Support financial and management audit(s) preparation and follow up activities;
  • Support the digitisation, consolidation & tracking of procurement action plans in the related systems;
  • Support programme contingency planning in the related databases.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in STEM and/or Business;      
  • At least 5 years of experience in the Space/High-Tech sector;     
  • Highly proficient in ESA business tools (SAP ECC & SRM, CMYP, EROS, HRMS, Data Factory, Data Cube);  
  • Highly proficient in Database/SQL skills (oracle, Microsoft SQL database, Python, Pearl or R for data analysis and modelling;  
  • Experienced with data manipulation and analysis libraries, Business Objects, Power BI and business intelligent tools, visualisation skills and predictive modelling skills (AI);  
  • High capacity to communicate effectively with international teams from engineering, technical and business domains;       
  • High level of organizational skills, flexibility and ability to identify priorities;     
  • Strong and effective interpersonal and communication skills;     
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.   

Please submit your application in English via the apply button below. Applications submitted in other languages will not be considered.


  • Noordwijk, Netherlands


What do we offer?

In ATG Europe (or our subsidiaries) you will have the chance to work on the most interesting and technologically advanced projects in the space, big-science, and high-tech domains. You will enjoy the focused yet relaxed spirit and culture of our teams and the excellent working conditions our company provides. We firmly believe that development and growth perspectives are crucial to everyone’s career, and we therefore provide you with a personal development plan, regular assessment checkpoints and a dedicated training and education budget to support you, not only in your current work, but also paving the road to your next professional steps.

For those relocating in order to embrace a new career with us, we offer international relocation assistance in settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children and a relocation budget that is applicable to all ATG staff.

About ATG Europe

Today, ATG Europe is recognized as a leading provider of specialized engineering, scientific and technical services to the European Space, Big-Science, and high-tech industry. Our headquarters are located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and we have subsidiaries in Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and the UK. Besides these countries, ATG also operates in France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, and Belgium.