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Power Conditioning Engineer

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, NoordwijkESA/ESTEC

Job description

We are looking for a Power Conditioning Engineer on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) for their location in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to join their Power Management & Distribution Section. The selected candidate should show integrity and professionalism. The deadline for submitting applications is 13 December 2022.

Please note, the successful candidate will be employed by ATG Europe (or one of its subsidiaries) and not by ESA. Furthermore, they will be subject to a general security screening performed by an external provider.

The successful candidate will be tasked with, but not limited to:

  • The design, development, and test of spacecraft power systems for on-board applications. This work encompasses the definition of centralised power systems having overall power levels up to 25 kilowatts, together with their interfaces with respect to solar arrays and batteries, the attendant power distribution/protection equipment and pyrotechnic activation functions. Detailed tasks include the overall system design necessary for the development of fault-tolerant power control and distribution concepts, the detailed design of the power regulators and the identification/use of tools and methods for ensuring dependable design and verification;
  • The development of simulation blocks for system analysis (batteries, solar cells & arrays, power control and distribution units) useful for the independent evaluation of critical power and energy budgets (in support to running projects of the Agency);
  • Support to laboratory activities concerning design and development or verification of circuits for power management and distribution (solar array and battery conversion electronics, power distribution and protection electronics, power conversion for generic and specific purposes, including redundancy and protections);
  • Active involvement in critical R&D activities support (by simulation, worst case analysis and laboratory testing of the overall system or of the most critical sub-units);
  • Assisting to the development and validation of worst case simulation blocks for electrical equipment analysis (converters, shunt regulators, current limiters, protections, critical telemetry or telecommand functions) useful for the independent check of the most critical equipment functionality and performances, in support to all programmes reviews where the power conditioning section is involved;
  • The development and verification of high voltage design technologies and associated power converters, suitable for application as Electronic Power Conditioners (EPCs) for specialised spacecraft payloads such as Travelling Wave Tube Assemblies (TWTA’s) and Electric Propulsion Concepts.

Job requirements

  • A Master’s degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering, or Physics;
  • A PhD in the above disciplines is an asset;
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience;
  • Electrical power processing background, together with a good experience of digital and analogue electronics and control theory;
  • Proven experience in Digital Control of power converters;
  • Proven experience in FPGA and microcontroller programming;
  • Proven experience in the design of power converters with GaN semiconductors;
  • Proven experience on space power conversion systems;
  • Proven experience in the domain of power conditioning electronics together with ‘hands on’ knowledge of the circuit design of such systems;
  • Experience in the development of computer models, especially with SPICE-based simulators;
  • Knowledge and the experience on High Voltage power conditioning for space application constitute an asset;
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken;
  • Candidates with less than 10 years of experience will be asked to provide the relevant academic transcripts, in order to give the Hiring Panel a more complete candidate profile.


Netherlands, Noordwijk