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Telecom/Videoconference Architect

Cadarache, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, France

Job description

We are looking for a Telecom/Videoconference Architect on behalf of and in support to our client for their location in Cadarache, France. The selected candidate should show integrity and professionalism.

Please note, the successful candidate will be employed by ATG Europe (or one of its subsidiaries). Furthermore, upon selection, they will be subject to a general security screening performed by an external provider (further information will be provided at interview stage).

The successful candidate will be tasked with, but not limited to:

  • Evolution and Maintenance of Telecommunication Systems: Mobile Telephony;
    • Creation of new lines; configure device; hand out to user; user training;
    • Level 2 support on user mobile devices;
    • Data key loan management;
    • Telephony report management for users and managers;
    • Management of spare parts and accessories;
    • Employee departure management; retrieve and reset of phone; 4G/5G key, line options;
    • Troubleshooting on MDM servers in case of issues;
    • Changing device type if new models are available;
    • Improvement and mandatory changes for all our reports (more than 10);
    • Follow up on evolution of carrier options and services;
    • Changing/updating line options for users to optimize costs based on usage;
    • Pre-check invoices to support the IO in verifying them;
    • License management;
  • Evolution and Maintenance of Telecommunication Systems: Standard Telephony;
    • Level 2 support on central Telephony Infrastructure;
    • Creation of new phone lines and virtual fax lines;
    • Level 2 support on central Telephony Infrastructure;
    • Creation of new phone lines and virtual fax lines;
    • License management;
  • Evolution and Maintenance of Telecommunication Systems: Emergency Telephony;
    • Level 2 troubleshooting on endpoints (red phones, security phones);
    • Troubleshooting on PBX in case of software or hardware problems;
    • Global onsite copper line management and documentation;
    • Management of telecommunication CPE in B81;
    • Design of system architecture compliant to project requirements;
    •  Intra- and  inter-building cabling to connect phones to central PBX;
    • System updates if mandatory for maintenance or implement new features;
    • Installation and configuration of new telephones after requests from SQS;
    • License management;
  • Evolution and Maintenance of Telecommunication Systems: MS Teams;
    • Level 2 Troubleshooting on Microsoft Teams clients;
    • Troubleshooting on Teams tenant;
    • Response group management;
    • Federation between other OCS/Lync environments and public IM;
    • Improve Integration between Teams and the VC infrastructure;
    • Improve collaboration between IO and Das;
    • License management;
  • Evolution and Maintenance of Videoconferencing Systems;
    • Remote start-up of Conference support of standard meetings;
    • Conference support of high level meetings (Council, STAC, MAC, TBM-PC...);
    • Spare parts management;
    • Amphitheatre and Council Chamber support;
    • Support for special events;
    • Conference recording and management of archived files;
    • Streaming of events (Ceremonies...);
    • Quality assurance for ITER meeting rooms (regular tests of all equipment 55 rooms);
    • Quality assurance for VC systems of the DAs (regular tests of all systems 90 rooms);
    • Level 2 Troubleshooting on VC connections (operator always available);
    • Level 2 Troubleshooting on meeting room equipment;
    • Troubleshooting on central VC infrastructure.
    • Design and update of central VC infrastructure;
    • Improvement of admin tools for monitoring and remote management equipment;
    • Installation of new meeting rooms;
    • Keep up to date on new technologies;
    • Upgrade of audio/video equipment;
    • Integration of new audio/video systems to central infrastructure;
    • License management.

Job requirements

  • Completed vocational training or hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a similar domain;
  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience, including 5 years of experience in a similar role;
  • Experience with providing support to IT solutions, preferably related to Video Conferencing and Telecommunications;
  • Experience with reporting on, configuring and troubleshooting of networks, local printing facilities, mobile phones and smartphones is an asset;
  • Experience with 1st line networking (LAN, WiFi) is an asset;
  • Experience in troubleshooting hardware and software issues on either Apple or Windows systems and on mobile platforms is an asset;
  • Experience in O365 is an asset;
  • Work experience in an international environment is an asset;
  • Proactive and customer-focused mind-set with a courteous and respectful approach;
  • Excellent communicator with friendly attitude and active listening skills;
  • Flexible, enthusiastic and empathetic person with willingness to collaborate with others different tasks and also occasionally work outside of regular working hours to respond to operational needs;
  • Logical thinking, desire to learn and continuously develop;
  • Teams Administrators Associate certification is an asset;
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken;
  • Eligibility to work and live in the EU.

Please submit your application in English via the apply button below. Applications submitted in other languages will not be considered.


Cadarache, France


What do we offer?

In ATG Europe (or our subsidiaries) you will have the chance to work on the most interesting and technologically advanced projects in the space, big-science, and high-tech domains. You will enjoy the focused yet relaxed spirit and culture of our teams and the excellent working conditions our company provides. We firmly believe that development and growth perspectives are crucial to everyone’s career, and we therefore provide you with a personal development plan, regular assessment checkpoints and a dedicated training and education budget to support you, not only in your current work, but also paving the road to your next professional steps.

For those relocating in order to embrace a new career with us, we offer international relocation assistance in settling in your new home or finding the right school for your children and a relocation budget that is applicable to all ATG staff.

About ATG Europe

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